UK Climate Impacts Program Tools

These tools help organizations or businesses measure climate change, adaptability, risk and perform economic analysis for climate change adaptation which can be used for baseline studies, capacity indicators and frameworks for design.

"Adapting to climate change can seem daunting: UK Climate Impacts Program (UKCIP) provide a range of tools, options and guidance to help organizations identify how they might be affected by climate change and what they can do to minimize their risks or exploit the opportunities. Please note that this is a website and you must create a username and password to access the tools and other documents." (UKCIP 2010)


Evaluation Options and Tools Mentioned

  • AdOpt
  • BACLIAT (Business Areas Climate Impact Assessment Tool)
  • CLARA (Climate Adaptation Resource for Advisors)
  • Costing the impacts of Climate Change
  • LCLIP (Local Climates Impact Profile)
  • Risk Framework
  • SES (Socio-economic Scenarios)
  • UKCP09


UK Climate Impacts Programme 2010.

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