The Art of Focused Conversation

This book is intended to expand images of what can be accomplished through the Focused Conversation Method. This is done by demonstrating how many workplace tasks can be accomplished through the medium of focused conversation. This is a resource meant for the process and consensus oriented person who is working with firms and organizations.

Sections of this book can be read online via Google Books


Part l is about theory and practice. It introduces the method and:

  • Examines the workplace context
  • Gives information on theory
  • Explains the structure
  • How to prepare a conversation
  • How to lead a conversation
  • Dealing with the common mistakes.

Part ll contains 100 Samples for use in Conversations in situations such as:

  • Reviewing and evaluating
  • Preparation and planning
  • Coaching, mentoring
  • Data and media interpretation
  • Decision making
  • Managing and supervising
  • Personal reflection Group celebrations


Brian Stanfield R, (2008) The Art of Focused Conversation. 100 ways to Access Group Wisdom in the Workplace. Canadian Institute for Cultural Affairs. Can be sourced through

ICA Associates Inc.

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