evaluation flowchart

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evaluation flowchart

I need to establish a flow chart which helps people in my organisation to understand when they might need to commission a large external evaluation, when a smaller internal evaluation would be more appropriate etc. I wonder if anyone knows if there is one out there already? Thanks

Evaluation flowchart
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Hi Jo,

Hi Jo,

Good question! While I don't know of any specific examples of flowcharts, there is relevant and specific guidance in Step 2 of the Manager's Guide to Evaluation (Scope the Evaluation), which has a section on deciding whether the evaluation will be done by an external team, an internal team or a hybrid of both - while not a flowchart this may be helpful as a basis for thinking through some of the key considerations when making this decision (and also thinking through whether a hybrid of both may be a reasonable third option for your organisation).

I'd love to see some examples if you find them or your finished flowchart if you're happy to share it afterwards.



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