UK Data Service Variable and Question Bank (formally the Survey Question Bank)

The UK Data Service Variable and Question Bank is an online repository of questionnaires and variables, from a large number of UK and cross-national social surveys dating to the mid-1990s. 

Note: This resource has been updated and has moved host sites to the UK Data Service. It has been re-launched as the UK Data Service Variable and Question Bank. The current link reflects the new URL as of 10 August 2017. You can find some information about the re-launch and the tool from the Health Statistics User Group, a third party website.

These surveys, which have been refined for use in practice, offer a useful tool for social researchers and evaluators looking for reference points in their own questionnaire design. The SQB also offers a database of more than 200,000 individual questions derived from 50 survey series, which can again provide valuable examples for reference.


University of Essex, National Centre for Social Research, Institute of Education, University of Southampton. (2012). Survey question bank (sqb). Retrieved from

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