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  1. Evaluability Assessments and Choice of Evaluation Methods


    In this Centre for Development Impact seminar, Richard Longhurst (IDS) and Sarah Mistry (BOND) will highlight the importance of evaluability assessments for development projects, as well as discussing the suitability of various evaluation methods that are available to a manager. This seminar is available to the public online.

  2. Choosing Appropriate Evaluation Methods Tool


    The Choosing Appropriate Evaluation Methods tool has been developed by evaluator Barbara Befani with Michael O’Donnell from Bond, and input from experts in 11 different evaluation methods. Available as a spreadsheet document and accompanied by a guide, the tool contains a series of questions and prompts, the results of which provide an indication of which methods will and will not be appropriate to use.

  3. Avaliação para o Investimento Social Privado: Metodologias


    This book brings together a set of contributions coming from the International Evaluation Seminar for Private Social Investment: Methodologies, held in July 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, and organized by Fundação Itaú Social, Roberto Marinho Foundation and Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal Foundation, in partnership with Move and with support from the Santillana Foundation and GIFE - a group of Institutes, Foundations and Enterprises.

    Este livro reúne um conjunto de contribuições oriundas do Seminário Internacional Avaliação para o Investimento Social Privado: Metodologias, realizado em julho de 2013 no Rio de Janeiro, pela Fundação Itaú Social, Fundação Roberto Marinho e Fundação Maria Cecília Souto Vidigal, em parceria com a Move e com apoio da Fundação Santillana e do GIFE - Grupo de Institutos, Fundações e Empresas.