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  1. Survey- Detailed presentation of the tool


    This website provides detailed information on what a survey is, why and when it is used, and how it can be performed.

  2. DAC Guidelines and Reference Series Quality Standards for Development Evaluation


    The DAC Quality Standards for Development Evaluation have been developed to provide guidance for good practice in development evaluation.  Developed through a process of drafting, trialling and reviewing by members of the OECD DAC Network on Development Evaluation, the document sets out standards in terms of: overarching considerations; purpose, planning and design; implementation and reporting; and follow-up, use and learning.

  3. Week 20: Is English the dominant language for evaluation?

    7th July, 2014

    Unfortunately I believe so. Last year I met a group of Brazilian evaluators in a conference, and learned from them the growing demand for good evaluation studies in Brazil, but also the need for more capacity building initiatives in this area, besides the need for practical and relevant  information in Portuguese, with a local context. It was then that I decided to investigate what this passionate group of Brazilian evaluators was working on. Evaluators not only in Brazil but in other Portuguese-speaking countries.

    Also Available In: Portugues
  4. Evaluation Tools


    This website offers a tool-kit for evaluators. Available on the EuropeAid’s website on evaluation; it details 13 key evaluation tools explaining what, why and when they should be used and how to implement them. 

  5. Evaluations made in Portuguese: the Lusophone space

    This guest blog by Elsa de Morais Sarmento, Carla Félix, and Mariana Branco discusses the importance of language to credible evaluation in Lusophone countries.