Transcribe is a very useful tool if you need to transcribe a small amount of data and don't have access to some of the more professional, downloadable transcription software packages. It is low cost - there is a one week free trial, and you can buy an annual license for $20. Transcribe's two main advantages are that it is online, so you can access it without having to install anything, and its simplicity. It is an incredibly quick process to load up your audio file and figure out the controls. Rather than having to between clicking an audio player and a separate word document, transcribe has integrated both these aspects into the one window, and allows you to speed up, slow down, play back and pause the audio using your keyboards function keys - dramatically speeding up the process. 

Institutional History

An institutional history is a narrative that records key points about how institutional arrangements – new ways of working – have evolved over time and have created and contributed to more effective ways to achieve project or programme goals.