The John L. Alford Case Library

The John L. Alford Case Library is an internationally recognised library of public sector cases and a unique resource centre for the advancement of interactive teaching. It brings together carefully constructed ‘stories’ about public sector challenges, dilemmas, successes and failures. Created in 2004 to remedy the lack of public sector teaching cases relevant to Australia and New Zealand, the library is now the third-largest collection of public policy and management cases in the world, with nearly 200 cases covering a wide range of topics from all levels of government.

Evidence Base Journal

ANZSOG's peer-reviewed journal, Evidence Base, publishes reviews of the evidence informing decision-making in specific policy areas. The focus of these reviews is to determine ‘what works?’, based on the evidence. This journal was designed for public sector decision-makers and aims to be a ‘broker’ between the public sector, academics and other policy specialists.