Understanding Process Tracing

This article provides a comprehensive framework for the use of Process Tracing. It is accompanied by online teaching exercises,  and focuses on four examples from American politics, two from comparative politics, three from international relations, and one from public health/epidemiology.


  • Abstract
  • Teaching Exercises
  • Process tracting, prior knowledge and diagnostic evidence
  • Descriptive inference
  • Causal inference
  • Straw-in-the-Wind Tests
  • Hoop Tests
  • Smoking-Gun Tests
  • Doubly Decisive Tests
  • Causal-Sequence Framework: Auxiliary Outcome Test
  • Conclusion


Collier D (2011) "Understanding Process Tracing", PS: Political Science and Politics, 44:4 pp 823 -830, University of California, Berkeley. Retrieved from http://polisci.berkeley.edu/sites/default/files/people/u3827/Understandi...

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