Evaluation Executive Summaries & Reports

This blog by Stephanie Evergreen provides six examples of executive summaries and evaluation reports that incorporate the use graphics to present findings and engage the reader.  She also provides analyses of each of the examples to highlight the effective and innovative ways that graphics can be used in reports.


“Martina Bennett from MercyCorps sent me some of these examples, when I told her I didn’t really have many I could point to, from the Schultz Center for Teaching and Leadership. They publish both Evaluation Briefs (2 pagers) and Executive Summaries (3-5 pages). I pulled out my favorite from that bunch. What I like most about this one is the color – in the pics across the top, the text along the left, and the diagram in the middle. Like others mentioned in this post, I’d love to get my hands on the dataviz on the second page and tweak it, but otherwise, its succinct, structured, and appealing." (Evergreen, 2013)


Evergreen, S. (2013, August 7). Evaluation executive summaries & reports. Retrieved from http://stephanieevergreen.com/evaluation-executive-summaries-reports/

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