The World Café in Singapore: Creating a Learning Culture Through Dialogue

"This article describes the range and spread of the World Café in Singapore as part of that nation’s effort to create a national learning culture and to transition from a top-down to a more open and inclusive society" (Tan & Brown, 2005)

"In a multiracial and multi-religious setting involving diverse national objectives and multiple levels of the hierarchy, the World Café is making a unique contribution to this young nation’s future." (Tan & Brown, 2005)


  • Creating Bridges between Generations
  • Nourishing the Community through Dialogue
  • What Does It Mean To Care?
  • Summary of Learnings


Tan, S., & Brown, J. (2005). The world café in Singapore : Creating a learning culture through dialogue. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 41(1), 83-90. Retrieved from

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