12 Components Monitoring & Evaluation System Assessment

These guidelines from UNAIDS are aimed at supporting the preparation and implementation of an assessment of the national HIV monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system. 


The guidelines "also include key steps to take after an assessment to facilitate implementation of M&E system-strengthening activities. The Guidelines are built around the 12 main components of the HIV M&E system, which define the Organizing Framework for a Functional National HIV Monitoring and Evaluation System (UNAIDS, 2008). Consequently, the Guidelines also focus on using the 12 Components Monitoring and Evaluation System Strengthening Tool (Geneva: UNAIDS, 2009a) to ensure a comprehensive and successful assessment" (UNAIDS 2009)


  • Integrating Assessments in the M&E Planning and Implementation Cycle 05
  • Preparing for a National M&E Assessment 10
  • Implementing a National M&E Assessment 16
  • Prioritising M&E Strengthening Activities & Monitoring Implementation Progress 19


UNAIDS. (2009). 12 components monitoring & evaluation system assessment. Retrieved from website: http://www.unaids.org/en/media/unaids/contentassets/documents/document/2...

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