12 Valuable Tips for Using Wordle in the Classroom

This blog post from 21st Century Educational Technology and Learning outlines 12 tips for using Wordle in the classroom. Many of the strategies outlined are easily adaptable to other situations and provide a good grounding for using Wordle as a tool. 


"I have long heard of Word Webbing, Words Diagrams, Word Art, but how about a Word Cloud? By now you may be either familiar with a Word Cloud, have googled the Weather Channel to get a better idea, or maybe have taken a look out your window to see if there really is such a thing. The concept of a Word Cloud maintains that “If a picture paints a thousand words, then what can a thousand words paint?”  The answer of course is a Wordle. Yes, Wordles are amazing Word Clouds that can be created by all.  On a recent internet surf I found that this Word Cloud holds the sky as the limit while providing an abundance of sunshine for the educational setting."


  • Word Cloud… Wordle… An Introduction
  • Understanding word clouds?
  • Making a word cloud?
  • Saving a word cloud
  • Make word clouds setting your own word sizing
  • Keeping compound words together
  • Making numbers show up
  • Include all words entered in the word cloud
  • Capitalization of words
  • Counting each word occurrence
  • Changing fonts, colors, and layouts
  • Classroom thoughts
  • Making word clouds into neat word shapes
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