Critical systems heuristics

This chapter provides a detailed introduction to critical systems heuristics and the use of its central tool boundary critique. 


  • What Is CSH?
  • Two Studies in Applying CSH
  • Using CSH as an Intervention Tool: Some Basic Concepts
  • A Core Concept of CSH: Systematic Boundary Critique
  • Boundary Critique Applied to NRUA-Botswana
  • Boundary Critique Applied to ECOSENSUS-Guyana
  • Boundary Critique and Personal Competence
  • Recognising Boundary Judgements – and Keeping Them Fluid
  • Towards a New Ethos of Professional Responsibility


Ulrich, Werner and Reynolds, Martin (2010). Critical systems heuristics. In: Reynolds, Martin and Holwell, Sue eds. Systems Approaches to Managing Change: A Practical Guide. London: Springer, pp. 243–292

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