A Practical Guide for Engaging Stakeholders in Developing Evaluation Questions

This guide from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation provides a detailed, step by step guide to engaging stakeholders in the development of evaluation questions. The guide includes a number of worksheets that can be used with stakeholders to facilitate the process of question development.

Furthermore, the guide also provides a case example and a list of resources in the appendices. 


  • Executive Summary 3
  • Introduction 5
  • The Value of Stakeholder Engagement in Developing Evaluation Questions 6
  • The Role of Evaluation 7
  • The Evaluation Process 7
  • Stakeholders as Intended Users of Evaluation Findings 8
  • Benefits of Engaging Stakeholders 9
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Involving Stakeholders in Developing Evaluation Questions 12
  • Step 1: Prepare for stakeholder engagement 12
  • Step 2: Identify potential stakeholders 13
  • Step 3: Prioritize the list of stakeholders 18
  • Step 4: Consider potential stakeholders‘ motivations for participating 19
  • Step 5: Select a stakeholder engagement strategy 20
  • Challenges to Engaging Stakeholders in the Evaluation Question Development Process 30
  • Conclusion 33
  • Stakeholder Engagement Planning Worksheets 34
  • Planning Worksheet #1: Identifying Relevant Stakeholders 34
  • Planning Worksheet $2: Determining Stakeholder Roles, Priorities, and Motivations 35
  • Planning Worksheet #3: Considering Stakeholder Engagement Strategies 36
  • Planning Worksheet #4: Selecting an Engagement Strategy 37
  • Appendix A: Case Example of Engaging Stakeholders in Developing Evaluation Questions 38
  • Appendix B: Evaluation Resources 43
  • Appendix C: List of Interviewees 46


Preskill, H., & Jones, N. FSG Social Impact Advisors, Strategic Learning and Evaluation Center. (2009). A practical guide for engaging stakeholders in developing evaluation questions. Retrieved from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation website: http://www.fsg.org/tools-and-resources/practical-guide-engaging-stakehol...

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Thanks for letting us know, Heather. I've updated the link.

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