Evaluating Inter-Organizational Relations: An Emerging Issue for Evaluators

This slide show from Universalia puts forward a theoretical perspective on evaluating partnerships and coalitions between educational and non-profit organisations. 

"During the past two years, we have become increasingly interested in theory and practice of evaluating interorganizational relationships-partnerships, coalitions joint ventures.

In our previous work (Lusthaus 1995,1999 and 2002), interorganizational relationships was just superficially analyzed. Over the past decade these relationships have become a more
important part of organizational life. Today, partnerships, alliances, joint ventures, networks and collaborative systems are all concepts used to describe the variety of inter-organizational relationships now found in the educational, research and not-for profit organizational literature." (Lusthaus, Rojas & Milton, 2006)


Lusthaus, C., Rojas, K., & Milton, C. Universalia, (2006). Evaluating inter-organizational relations: an emerging issue for evaluators. Retrieved from website: http://www.universalia.com/sites/default/files/presentations/fichiers/in...

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