Insights into Participatory Video

This handbook from InsightShare provides a detailed account of the purposes and processes involved in running participatory video projects.  It outlines a step by step guide and provides detailed case studies to highlight its use in projects around the world.

"Participatory video is a tool for positive social change, it is a means of empowerment for the marginalised and it is a process that encourages individuals and communities to take control of their destinies. PV has been around for over three decades and is attracting fresh interest today. This handbook is the work of practitioners not academics. We believe it will further spread awareness of participatory video, clarify how it is done, suggest applications and, hopefully, encourage others to use it and develop it." (Lunch & Lunch, 2006, p. 5)


  • Part One: Participatory Video (Pv) In A Nutshell
  • Part Two: The Participatory Video Process
  • Part Three: Tips for Facilitators - Process and Ethics
  • Part Four: Technical Tips
  • Part Five: Participatory Video in Action
  • Part Six: Appendices 


Lunch, N., & Lunch, C. (2006). Insights into participatory video: a handbook for the field. Oxford, UK: InsightShare. Retrieved from

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