Participation, Relationships and Dynamic Change: New Thinking On Evaluating The Work Of International Networks

This paper from the Development Planning Unit of University College London raises some key issues related to network evaluation and provides a number of tools that allow the levels and quality of participation in networks to be monitored while also asking some key evaluation questions that should be asked about relationships and trust.


  • Section One: Background – Ideas, Methodology
  • Section Two: Networks – what do we mean by networks?
  • Section Three: Trust – How Relationship-Building and Structure Interact
  • Section Four: Participation and Evaluation
  • Section Five: Conclusions, recommendations and ideas for further exploration


Church, M., Bitel, M., Armstrong, K., Fernando, P., Gould, H., Joss, S., Marwaha-Diedrich, M., de la Torre, A. L., Vouhé, C. Development Planning Unit University College London, (2002). Participation, relationships and dynamic change: New thinking on evaluating the work of international networks (Working Paper No. 121). Retrieved from website:

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