A Resource Guide for Hosting Conversations That Matter at The World Café

This resource provides a detailed guide to using the World Cafe to create conversations and networks around shared interests. 


  • The Power of Conversation to Create the Future
  • What Is The World Café?
  • Six Key Principles for Hosting a World Café Conversation
  • The Role of the Overall Café Host and the Table Host
  • Is the World Café More Than Just Talk?
  • Materials to Support Café Hosting
  • Where to Go for Additional Information
  • Assumptions Underlying The World Café
  • Café Etiquette
  • Café Set Up and Supplies 


Brown, J. Whole Systems Associates, (2002). A resource guide for hosting conversations that matter at the world café. Retrieved from website: http://www.meadowlark.co/world_cafe_resource_guide.pdf

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