Get More from Your Data: Three Steps To Success

This sample session agenda takes teams through a three-part set of conversations about their data: Scan, Diagnose, and Prioritize. This simple set of activities can be done in one sitting or over time and engages teams in a rigorous process of meaning making and action planning.

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This tip sheet is a companion to the Dabbling in the Data guidebook. It offers a clear sequence of team-based conversations to move from data analysis to action.

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  • Evaluation users
  • Evaluators
  • Those involved in evaluation capacity strengthening

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We use these activities with our clients that are interested in improving their ability to use data to inform decision making. The balance of participatory and hands-on methods, with the rigor of a clearly defined decision-making process, is a great fit for many organizations engaging in continuous quality improvement.

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This tipsheet offers a quick start to evaluators and program improvement coaches that are interested in using the Dabbling in the Data activities with their teams.​


Public Profit (2016). Get More From Your Data. Retrieved from:

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