Approaches to working with framework matrices (NVivo 10)

This NVivo 10 help file walks readers through the process of creating and using framework matrices in NVivo for the analysis of qualitative data. It covers the steps taken to prepare data prior to matrix creation, as well as gives information and tips about summarizing data into matrix cells.


  • Choose what you want to show in the associated view
  • Enter summaries into the matrix cells
  • Link summary text to supporting source materials
  • Summarize and link non-textual materials (video, audio and pictures)
  • Format selected text in a summary
  • Highlight the location of summary links in summary text
  • Highlight summary links in the associated view
  • Highlight thematic coding in the associated view
  • Automatically scroll to highlighted content in the associated view
  • Automatically create summaries from coding

Information from NVivo 10 for Windows Help is also available for:


NVivo 10 for Windows Help (n.d.) 'Work with framework matrices'. Retrieved from

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