Community scoping

This webpage from Research Consortium on Educational Outcomes and Poverty (RECOUP) provides an outline of the main ideas and processes involved in community scoping.


  • 1 Community scoping
    • 1.1 What is involved in community scoping?
    • 1.2 When is community scoping an appropriate activity?
    • 1.3 How should consent and access through 'gatekeepers' be negotiated?
    • 1.4 What participatory approaches (for example, map-making, transect walks, wealth ranking) are suitable for a scoping exercise?
    • 1.5 What are the main roles of a household census?
    • 1.6 What are the main issues in planning the process of community scoping?
  • 2 Resources and references


Research Consortium on Educational Outcomes and Poverty (RECOUP). (2008). Community scoping. Retrieved from

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