WHO Guide to Cost Effectivness Analysis

This detailed guide provides investigators with a rigorous technical discussion of Cost Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) procedure, written from a public health perspective, as an option for assessing the efficiency of an intervention. Particular care is taken in the guidance to demonstrate how to maximise generalisability of results across settings.


Part I of the guide offers
  • a brief description of CEA
  • overview of CEA study design,
  • guidance on cost estimation, discounting, uncertainty, and sensitivity analysis,
  • policy uses of CEA, and
  • reporting results.

Part II of the guide, in turn, offers a number of supporting background papers originally published in journals.


Tan-Torres Edejer, T., Baltussen, R., Adam, T., Hutubessy, R., Acharya, A., Evans, D. B., & Murray, C. J. L. World Health Organization, (2003). Making choices in health: Who guide to cost-effectiveness analysis. Retrieved from website: http://www.who.int/choice/publications/p_2003_generalised_cea.pdf

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