Enhancing Organizational Performance, A Toolbox For Self-Assessment

This book provides a tested process for organizational self assessment. It includes tools and techniques and formative assessment practices to help organisations evaluate if they are meeting their goals effectively. It is also available in French and Spanish.

This resource can be viewed online or downloaded as a pdf.

"The guide is divided into four chapters and four appendixes. The first three chapters describe the major elements of the self-assessment process. The fourth chapter reviews the performance framework developed by Universalia Management Group and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and provides checklists and exercises to help you diagnose organizational performance issues. Appendix 1 contains samples of self-assessment tools that some organizations have found useful in the self-assessment process, and Appendix 2 concerns the design of data-collection instruments." (Lusthaus, Adrien, Anderson & Garden, 1999, p. XIII)


  • Should You Conduct a Self-Assessment?
  • Planning a Self-Assessment
  • Conducting a Self-Assessment
  • Diagnosing the Performance Of Your Organization


Lusthaus, C., Adrien, M. H., Anderson, G., & Carden, F. (1999). Enhancing organizational performance a toolbox for self-assessment. Ottawa, Canada: International Development Research Centre. Retrieved from http://web.idrc.ca/en/ev-9370-201-1-DO_TOPIC.html

(Spanish version) Lusthaus, C., Adrien, M. H., Anderson, G., & Carden, F. (2001) Mejorando el desempeño de las organizaciones ? Método de autoevaluación. Ottawa, Canada: International Development Research Centre. Retrieved from http://web.idrc.ca/es/ev-9370-201-1-DO_TOPIC.html

(French Version) Lusthaus, C., Adrien, M. H., Anderson, G., & Carden, F. (1999). Améliorer la performance organisationnelle. Manuel d'auto-évaluation Ottawa, Canada: International Development Research Centre. Retrieved from http://web.idrc.ca/fr/ev-9370-201-1-DO_TOPIC.html

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DianaMaddah's picture


I am not able to download the book. Any advice please!



Alice Macfarlan's picture
Alice Macfarlan

Hi Diana,

I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble accessing the resource. I have just tried it from my end and it is working fine. I would suggest:

1. Click the 'View resource' button on this page, which will take you to the IDRC landing page for this book (https://www.idrc.ca/en/book/enhancing-organizational-performance-toolbox...)

2. Click 'Download PDF', which should open up a command to download the file. If it does not, you may need to ensure that your browser is set to allow pop-ups for the page. (Look at the top-right of the URL bar, which, depending on your browser, is where an error icon usually sits)

3. If these do not work, try using a different browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome)

4. If you are still having difficulty, contact IDRC directly to ask for their advice as they may have permission to email the file directly to you. 

Please let us know how you get on.



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