Web-Based Surveys

This website from the Journal of Extension (JOE) provides a guide to the prupose and use of web-based surveys.

"A Web-based survey is the collection of data through a self-administered electronic set of questions on the Web. With Web-based surveys, the manager has control over the physical appearance and can create attractive and inviting forms. Web-based surveys can include radio buttons and drop-down lists that permit only one choice for the response. Check boxes allow multiple answers. Text boxes can be one line with a limited number of characters, or they may permit unlimited text entry."


  • Advantages of Web-Based Surveys over Paper Surveys
  • Limitations of Web-Based Surveys
  • Design Guidelines for Web-Based Surveys
  • Tips for Conducting Web-Based Surveys
  • Comparison of Cash Expenses: Traditional vs. Web-Based Survey
  • Web-Based Surveys: Some Examples


Archer, T. M. (2003). Web-based surveys. Journal of Extension, 41(4), Retrieved from http://www.joe.org/joe/2003august/tt6.php

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