Discerning Policy Influence: Framework for a Strategic Evaluation of IDRC-Supported Research

This background paper on frameworks for examining policy influence defines policy influence in a broad way, from enhancing policy capacities (i.e., strengthening the capacity of researchers to address policy questions), through broadening policy horizons (i.e. building understanding and awareness of the multiple factors and actors at play in the policy process), to modifying policy regimes (actual change in policy).


  • Early Perspectives on Research and Public Policy
  • Mapping the Multiplicity of Policy Actors
  • Accounting for Differences in Policy Communities
  • Distributed Policy Capacities and Informal Networks
  • Policy-Making and the Dynamics of Policy Communities
  • Reshaping and Creating Policy Networks and Advocacy Coalitions
  • Conclusion: Framework for Studying IDRC-Sponsored Projects and Policy Influence


Lindquist, E. A. University of Victoria, School of Public Administration. (2001). Discerning policy influence: Framework for a strategic evaluation of idrc-supported research. Retrieved from website: http://web.idrc.ca/uploads/user-S/10359907080discerning_policy.pdf

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