Capacity Development: We know it’s important, but how do we measure its outcomes?

This resources describes how Global Giving developed a system of using storytelling "as a way to measure capacity and performance of organizations in the field." (Lake)

"We asked an open-ended prompt: “Tell us about a time when a person or an organization tried to change something in your community.” Local volunteers gathered tens of thousands of short narratives from people in Kenya and Uganda over a period of 18 months. People in these communities told stories – both good and bad – that mentioned over 1,000 organizations in 510 locations throughout Kenya and Uganda. Using a combination of information provided by the storytellers and sophisticated analytical tools, these stories are analyzed and aggregated to provide additional information on which organizations are perceived as high and low performers in their communities, and which appear to be meetings the needs of the local communities. Over time, this option can provide valuable data on how organizations are growing in their ability to meet community needs and to provide the services beneficiaries find most valuable." (Lake)


Lake, B. (n.d.). Capacity development: We know it’s important, but how do we measure its outcomes? GlobalGiving.Retrieved from:

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