Reflections on the Utilization-Focused Evaluation (UFE) Process

This presentation from the Strengthening ICTD Research Capacity in Asia (SIRCA) provides an overview of how UFE was used in their SIRCA programme.  It was presented at the Evaluation Conclave 2010, New Delhi, India  

The key objectives of the program are to:

  • Enhance research capacity in Asia through rigorous academic research
  • Create a space for dialogue on ICT4D social science research issues in Asia
  • Create linkages through a mentorship program
  • Disseminate findings in publications and conferences


  • SIRCA Programme
  • SIRCA Key Objectives
  • SIRCA Evaluation
  • UFE Learnings
  • UFE Challenges
  • Evaluation is over…but there’s a lasting outcome...


Mizumoto, A., & Lim, E. (2010, October). Reflections on the utilization-focused evaluation (UFE) process. Evaluation conclave 2010, New Delhi, India. Retrieved from

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Kevin M

I was excited to see projects and programs in Asia have started deploying evaluation techniques. Reading the presentation, I was a bit confused by which evaluation technique the program actually applied especially in two areas: internal capacity built and internal evaluator used: both are favored by another form of evaluation called Empowerment Evaluation (Fetterman). They are not usually associated with Utilization-focused Evaluation (Patton). I am not a PhD level expert on evaluation and just want to understand why the presentation brought up those two things that are associated with Empowerment Evaluation. 

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