The Advocacy Iceberg - Episode 1: The Value Iceberg

The pilot episode of this new podcast by Jim Coe features an interview with Rhonda Schlangen, co author with Jim of The Value Iceberg, a BetterEvaluation Discussion Paper about how the important elements of advocacy tend to be intangible, under the surface, difficult to see, and how this affects how advocacy is seen and valued. 

This podcast series, aptly named the 'Advocacy Iceberg', aims to go "a bit below the surface"and explore ideas that either aren't in the mainstream or which challenge the mainstream. It's targeted at anyone with an interest in advocacy, with a particular focus on NGOs, and will take an interview format with a different guest each week.

You can listen to the first podcast here:

Read the BetterEvaluation Discussion Paper

The BetterEvaluation Discussion Paper, The Value Iceberg: Weighing the Benefits of Advocacy and Campaigning, is a thought piece written by Rhonda Schlangen and Jim Coe (independent consultants), members of the BetterEvaluation Community, and is intended to promote discussion. The paper looks at how concepts of 'value' and 'results' are being applied to advocacy and campaigning and presents some alternative strategies for assessing advocacy. 




Coe, J. (2016, January) 'The Value Iceberg - Inteview with Rhonda Schlangen' in The Advocacy Iceberg [Podcast]. Retrieved from


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