Prioritize and Eliminate Questions

This worksheet from Chapter 5 of the National Science Foundation's User-Friendly Handbook for Mixed Method Evaluations provides a template which allows the organisation and selection of possible evaluation questions.

It outlines the criteria that can be used when deciding on the questions:

  • Who wants to know?
  • Will the information be new or confirmatory?
  • How important is the information to various stakeholders?
  • Are there sufficient resources to collect and analyze the information needed to answer the questions?
  • Can the question be addressed in the time available for the evaluation?


National Science Foundation. (1997). Overview of the design process for mixed option evaluations. In User-Friendly Handbook for Mixed Option Evaluations. National Science Foundation.

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Heather Brown

The view resource link says 'document not found'.

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Nick Herft

Thanks for reporting the broken link, Heather. It's now working.

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