• Revolutionary Google-backed system unlocks power of big data to save forests

    This blog post from Rhett A Butler for outlines the use of a new tool, Global Forest Watch, which uses big data to monitor global forests on a monthly basis.  Utilising Google’s computing cloud the tool is able to analyse NASA
  • Discussion Paper: Innovations in Monitoring and Evaluation

    This discussion paper produced by the United Nations Development Programme discusses various innovations that are occurring in M&E, and the advantages and disadvantages of these methods.
  • Big data for development: challenges & opportunities

    This white paper by UN Global Pulse examines the use of Big Data in development contexts.
  • Global innovations in measurement and evaluation

    This report by NPC highlights their research into the latest developments in theory and practice in measurement and evaluation. The authors found that new thinking, techniques, and technology are influencing and improving practice.
  • Gender equality and big data: Making gender data visible

    The report from UN Women, with support from UN Global Pulse, outlines the value of big data for monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in relation to women.
  • Measuring results and impact in the age of big data

    This paper explores the nexus of data science and evaluation, probing the issues and challenges of incorporating big data into evaluation practice. This resource and the following information was contributed by Alice Macfarlan.
  • CEDIL Methods Brief - Using big data for impact evaluations

    This paper provides detailed guidance on using big data to fill data gaps in impact evaluations.
  • Big data and evaluation: Use and implications

    Big data is emerging as a new world currency.
  • What about administrative data?

    In this guest blog, Kerry McCarthy discusses some of the options for finding administrative data sets for use in evaluation.
  • Geospatial analysis in evaluation

    This blog from the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) highlights the role of geospatial data in understanding change in phenomena, and answering questions of relevance and effectiveness of development interventions.
  • Learning from data innovation

    This episode from the IEG podcast 'What have we learned' features Brenda Barbour and Jos Vaessen discussing the opportunities and challenges of using innovative technologies with evaluation data.
  • Big data

    Big data refers to data that are so large and complex that traditional methods of collection and analysis are not possible. 
  • Awards

    An award is a formal recognition by peers of outstanding individuals or practice. Some awards are made for cumulative good practice, and others are for exemplars of good practice, such as awards for the best evaluation.
  • Principles-focused evaluation the GUIDE

    How can programs and organizations ensure they are adhering to core principles—and assess whether doing so is yielding desired results?
  • Week 44: Anecdote as epithet - Rumination #1 from qualitative research and evaluation methods

    The 4th edition of Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods by Michael Quinn Patton will be published in mid-November, 2014. A new feature is one personal “rumination” in each chapter.
  • Week 46: Rumination #2: Confusing empathy with bias

    Researchers and evaluators are admonished to stay rational and independent.
  • Week 47: Rumination #3: Fools' gold: the widely touted methodological "gold standard" is neither golden nor a standard

    This week's post is an abbreviated version of a "rumination" from the