Analyzing Qualitative Data for Evaluation

This guide describes the qualitative data analysis process, including sections on planning, analyzing, and advantages and disadvantages of this data.

The brief (2009) describes qualitative data as “information in non-numeric form… [that] usually appear[s] in textual or narrative format. For example, focus group notes, open-ended interview or questionnaire responses, and observation notes are all types of qualitative data. Qualitative data analysis is the process of interpreting and understanding the qualitative data that you have collected."


  • How do you plan for qualitative data analysis?
  • How do you analyze qualitative data?
  • What are the advantages of qualitative data?
  • What are the disadvantages of qualitative data?


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Evaluation ETA. (2009). Analyzing qualitative data for evaluation (No. 19). Retrieved from website: