A Bibliography on Evaluability Assessment

This webpage, developed by Rick Davies for Monitoring and Evaluation NEWS, provides a synthesis and links to 104 items of literature related to evaluability assessment.  

"They include books, journal articles, government and non-government agency documents and webpages, produced between 1979 and 2012. Approximately one third were produced by government and non-government agencies involved in international development.

The list is a result of a search using Google Scholar and Google Search to find documents with "evaluability" in the title. The first 100 items in the search result listing were examined. Searches were also made via PubMed, JSTOR and Sciverse. A small number of documents were also identified as a result of a request posted on the MandE NEWS, Xceval and Theory Based Evaluation email lists." (Davies 2012)


Davies, R. (2012, November). A bibliography on evaluability assessment. Retrieved from http://mande.co.uk/2012/lists/evaluability-assessments-bibliography/a-bibliography-on-evaluability-assessment/

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