Changing views on change: Participatory approaches to monitoring the environment

This paper, written by Joanne Abbot and Irene Guijt, reviews a range of approaches for participatory monitoring of the environment.

Analysing published papers, interviews, and practical experiences, the paper aims to develop a viable monitoring system to assess environmental and social impacts of more sustainable forms of agriculture.


"This paper discusses various project-led approaches to participatory monitoring of the environment, and other approaches to noting, recording and monitoring change which are initiated within and by community members. Whatever the approach, it is essential that the monitoring objectives are clear, that the expectations and information needs of all stakeholders are understood, and that the end users and uses of the information are identified. The review highlights that the monitoring process must provide real benefits for all stakeholders, particularly for local people. Without their enthusiasm, their long term participation, which is central to the monitoring process, may not be assured or maintained." (Abbot & Guijt, 1998)


  • Monitoring of the environment
  • Participatory monitoring
  • Different approaches to participatory monitoring
  • Framework for choosing a participatory approach to monitoring
  • Key findings and knowledge gaps


Abbot, J. & Guijt I. (1998) Changing views on change: participatory approaches to monitoring the environment: Retrieved from: (archived)