Community scorecard approach for performance assessment - ProNet North's experience

This WaterAid Ghana Briefing Paper, outlines ProNet North’s experience of using the Community Scorecard Approach to assess performance.

ProNet North was one of WaterAid’s implementing Partner NGOs based in Wa in the Upper West Region of Ghana. The organisation participated in and managed the Upper West pilot project in July 2004. ProNet North used the Community Score Card M&E approach to assess their performance in delivering water services.


  • The methodology and location of evaluation activities using the community scorecard approach (CSC)
  • Key stages of the CSC
  • Relevance and benefits
  • Lessons learned
  • Constraints
  • Ways forward
  • Data from CSC sessions
  • Follow up actions
  • Main challenges
  • Solutions/ Recommendations from public forum
  • Community assessment


Addai, E., Kpenu, E., & Dery, M. WaterAid Ghana, (2004). The community scorecard approach for performance assessment (Briefing Paper 2004 (No 4)). Retrieved from website:

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