Descriptive and multivariate statistics

In this chapter from Exploring Crime Analysis Readings on Essential Skills, the key principles of descriptive and multivariate statistics are demonstrated so as to provide practitioners with the basic foundations of research and statistics. 

The following major goals are clearly outlined: "(a) summarizing large and small data sets, (b) examining the integrity of large and small data sets, (c) determining which statistics best portray the data, (d) comparing more than one variable to others, and ultimately, (e) applying descriptive statistics to problem solving and data driven decision-making."  (Price & Chamberlayne, 2008)


Price, J., & Chamberlayne, D. W. (2008). Descriptive and multivariate statistics. In S. L. Gwinn, C. Bruce, J. P. Cooper & S. Hick (Eds.), Exploring Crime Analysis Readings on Essential Skills (2nd ed., pp. 179-183). Retrieved from

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