Evaluation questions: IPDET Handbook

This module from the International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET) outlines the process for creating and using different types of evaluation questions for a variety of purposes.


  • Sources of Questions
  • Three Types of Questions
    • Descriptive Questions
    • Normative Questions
    • Cause-Effect Questions
    • Examples
  • Identifying and Selecting Questions
  • Keys for Developing Good Evaluation Questions
  • Suggestions for Developing Questions
  • Hints
  • Summary
  • Quiz
  • Application Exercise
  • Further Reading and Resources
  • Answers


International Program Department for Evaluation Training (IPDET) (2007). Module 5 Evaluation Questions. In IPDET Handbook. (pp. 225-251). World Bank. Retrieved from http://gametlibrary.worldbank.org/FILES/362_Develop%20Evaluation%20Questions%20-%20IPDET%20module%204.pdf (archived link)