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ANZSOG's peer-reviewed journal, Evidence Base, publishes reviews of the evidence informing decision-making in specific policy areas.

The focus of these reviews is to determine ‘what works?’, based on the evidence. This journal was designed for public sector decision-makers and aims to be a ‘broker’ between the public sector, academics and other policy specialists.

Evidence Base is an open-access journal, all content is freely available without charge. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles, or use them for any other lawful purpose, without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author. The content is licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND.



  • ISSUE 1 (March 2017) - Using behavioural insights for citizen compliance and cooperation
  • ISSUE 2 (June 2017) - Putting one-stop-shops into practice: A systematic review of the drivers of government service integration
  • ISSUE 3 (September 2017) - Individual funding systems: What works?
  • ISSUE 4 (December 2017) - Implications of work time flexibility for health promoting behaviours


  • ISSUE 1 (December 2016)  - Outcome-based contracting for human services
  • ISSUE 2 (December 2016) - Review of the effectiveness of predictive models for mesothelioma to identify lessons for asbestos-related policy
  • ISSUE 3 (December 2016) - Individual funding systems: What works?
  • ISSUE 4 (January 2016) - Evaluations of post-disaster recovery: A review of practice material


  • ISSUE 1 (March 2015) - School autonomy: Necessary but not sufficient (PDF, 552KB)
  • ISSUE 2 (June 2015) - Health initiatives to target obesity in surface transport industries: Review and implications for action
  • ISSUE 3 (September 2015) - The impact of welfare to work on parents and their children
  • ISSUE 4 (December 2015) - A critical examination of the youth foyer model for alleviating homelessness: Strengthening a promising evidence base


  • ISSUE 1 (March 2014)  - Class size and academic results, with a focus on children from culturally, linguistically and economically disenfranchised communities
  • ISSUE 2 (June 2014) - What is the evidence for harm minimisation measures in gambling venues?
  • ISSUE 3 (September 2014) - Smoking cessation and tobacco prevention in Indigenous populations
  • ISSUE 4 (December 2014) - Dealing with unemployment: What should be the role of labour market programs?


  • ISSUE 1 (March 2013)  - A review of restorative justice responses to offending 
  • ISSUE 2 (June 2013) - Regulation of alcohol advertising: Policy options for Australia
  • ISSUE 3 (September 2013) - Managing Madness: Mental Health and Complexity in Public Policy
  • ISSUE 4 (December 2013) - Work-life balance and family friendly policies (PDF, 394KB)


  • ISSUE 1 (April 2012)  - Is social mixing of tenures a solution for public housing estates?
  • ISSUE 2 (August 2012) - Prevention-based approaches to social policy: The case of early childhood development
  • ISSUE 3 (December 2012) - Too much ‘Dreaming’: Evaluations of the Northern Territory National Emergency Response Intervention 2007–2012


ANZSOG. (2012). Evidence Base Journal.  Retrieved from: https://www.anzsog.edu.au/resource-library/research/evidence-base-journal