An example of the use of Rubrics in Humanitarian Evaluation

"The IASC Gender Marker is a tool that codes, on a 0-2 scale, whether or not a humanitarian project is designed well enough to ensure that women/girls and men/boys will benefit equally from it or that it will advance gender equality in another way. If the project has the potential to contribute to gender equality, the marker predicts whether the results are likely to be limited or significant." IASC Gender Marker (2011)


  • Why do we need a Gender Marker in CAPs, CERFs and pooled funds?
  • What is the Gender Marker?
  • Who will use the Gender Marker?
  • Who is responsible for implementing the Gender Marker?
  • Where will the Gender Marker be used in 2012?
  • Are there tools available to assist Clusters in implementing the Gender Marker?


IASC Gender Marker (2011) IASC Gender Marker - Frequently Asked Questions. Retrieved from