Learning Lessons: Managing for Development Results

This paper from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) synthesizes key lessons drawn from evaluations of projects and programs that have been funded by the ADB. It brings out key findings and recommendations from the ADB's Managing for Development Results (MfDR) agenda that need to be addressed in order to achieve development effectiveness.

"ADB has been implementing the MfDR agenda since 2004 (Box 1). The results agenda is based on three pillars: focusing on MfDR capacity in developing member countries, emphasizing institutional effectiveness, and contributing to an effective MfDR global partnership. It is being mainstreamed in phases because of its substantial resource requirements and the need to get buy-in from developing member countries as well as from ADB management and staff. The evaluation focuses on the first phase of MfDR, specifically on the process and institutional changes within ADB, rather than on assessing how actual results are managed on the ground, which would be largely premature at this stage." (ADB 2011)


Independent Evaluation Department, Asian Development Bank. (2011). Learning Lessons: Managing for Development Results (November 2011). Retrieved from website: http://www.seachangecop.org/node/983

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