Learning Lessons: Participatory Irrigation Management

This paper from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) synthesizes key lessons drawn from evaluations of projects and programs that have been funded by the ADB. It looks at the use of participatory approaches to water and irrigation management in order to increase agricultural productivity, food security and alleviate poverty. 

"Participation in irrigation management involves a larger role for farmers, water groups, and other stakeholders. It may range from offering information and opinions during consultations, to fully enabling farmers to act as principal decision makers in all or most project activities. There have been increasing efforts to use participation in various forms to improve the quality, effectiveness, and sustainability of irrigation systems. This makes it important to learn what has and has not been achieved in efforts to improve participation in irrigation management. This synthesis highlights lessons from evaluations of ADB-supported irrigation and drainage projects, with a focus on participatory irrigation management." (ADB 2012)


Independent Evaluation Department, Asian Development Bank. (2012). Learning Lessons: Participatory Irrigation Management (March 2012). Retrieved from website: http://www.seachangecop.org/node/982

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