Monitoring and accountability practices for remotely managed projects...

This report from Tearfund brings together a number of research findings examining the issue of remote project monitoring and beneficiary accountability.

"The project, Effective monitoring and beneficiary accountability practice for remotely managed projects in insecure environments, was divided into two phases. The initial research phase focused on identifying the issues experienced by and concerns highlighted by humanitarian and development stakeholders regarding remote project monitoring and beneficiary accountability practice. This research was followed by an innovation phase in which good practice recommendations were developed to address the issues raised." (Norman, 2012)'


  • Context analysis
  • Methodology
  • Overview of remote management approaches undertaken by project stakeholders
  • Remote project monitoring
  • Remote beneficiary accountability
  • Overall project conclusions


Norman, B. Tearfund, (2012). Monitoring and accountability practices for remotely managed projects implemented in volatile operating environments. Retrieved from website: