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The My M&E Website is both a source of knowledge about monitoring and evaluation practices and a network to connect practitioners from around the world. The platform is interactive, with users able to share their experiences and create social profiles.

The information provided was supplied by Donna Podems, Director, OtherWISE: Research and Evaluation, and Svetlana Negroustoueva, Evaluation specialist. 

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The My M&E website

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My M&E is an interactive platform to share knowledge on country-led M&E systems worldwide. In addition to being a learning source, My M&E facilitates the strengthening of a global community, while identifying good practices and lessons learned about monitoring and evaluation in general, and country-led M&E systems in particular.

My M&E is a collaborative website whose content can be modified continuously by users. To develop and strengthen a global community on country-led M&E systems, registered users have the facility to complete their own social profile and exchange experiences and knowledge through blogs, discussion forums, as well as to upload documents, webinars and videos.

Who is this resource useful for?

  • Evaluators

  • Those involved in evaluation capacity strengthening

How have you used or intend on using this resource?

The My M&E website has free books including Evaluation for Equitable Development Results that has a section on feminist evaluation and it offers various other resources such as webinar and other e-learning opportunities (for example, the Equity-Focused and Gender-Responsive Evaluations e-learning course).  

Why would you recommend it to other people?

My M&E provides great free learning opportunities related to gender and evaluation and feminist evaluation as well. Continuous updates by users ensure relevant and current information on advances in the field of feminist and gender-responsive evaluation.


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