Net-Map toolbox

This website from the International Food Policy Research Institute, provides a detailed overview of the uses of the Net-Map tool which has been designed for influence mapping of social networks.

The website also includes videos as case study examples of how it has been used in the field.

"Net-Map is a mapping tool that helps people understand, visualize, discuss, and act in an informed way in situations where many different actors influence outcomes. Influence Network Maps helps individuals and groups identify the actors that influence important outcomes and plan their networking activities as part of the program intervention. Net-Map helps players to determine:

  • the actors involved in a given network,
  • how these actors are linked,
  • how influential each actor is, and
  • what the goals of each actor are." (Schiffer, 2007)


Schiffer, E. International Food Policy Research Institute, (2007). Net-map toolbox. Retrieved from website:

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