NGO network analysis handbook: How to measure and map linkages between NGOs

This handbook from Save the Children has been designed to support NGO staff measure and map networks for project development and evaluation.

"More specifically, this handbook is designed to help NGO staff accomplish the following objectives: a) understand what network analysis is, b) how are network data collected, c) how to create visual maps of the network, and d) how to analyze the network data for program/project development or evaluation." (Dershem et al., 2011)


  • The Purpose of This Handbook
  • Introduction to Network Analysis
  • Network Analysis as an Analytical Tool
  • Measuring & Mapping NGO Networks: More than Metaphor
  • NGO Network Analysis: Step by Step
  • The Study Design
  • Data Collection
  • Creating the Network Data File
  • Drawing the Network for Visual Analytics
  • Analyzing the Network Members Roles
  • Weaving the Network
  • Monitoring & Evaluating A Network
  • Last Thoughts, Conclusion & Recommendations
  • Network Analysis Terminology 


Dershem, L., Dagargulia, T., Saganelidze, L. & Roels, S. (2011). NGO Network Analysis Handbook: how to measure and map linkages between NGOs. Save the Children. Tbilisi, Georgia.