Participatory methods

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This website from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) focuses on the where, why and how of using participatory methods for development programs. The site provides step-by-step guidance on developing and implementing a participatory program and includes a range of resources and methods to support inclusive development and social change.


"Participatory approaches can be used in each stage of programme and project cycles: during planning, while monitoring progress, and after a programme has come to an end.

In participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation the process of engagement is as important as the outcomes. It aims to shift power from development professionals to the intended beneficiaries of the intervention. With participatory approaches, it is these people who set the direction for change, plan their priorities, and decide whether the intervention has made progress and delivered relevant change.

There is now a long tradition of participatory approaches to development planning, practiced by donors, governments and NGOs. But the involvement of local stakeholders in the monitoring and evaluation of interventions lags behind; although Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E) is nothing new, it is not as widely used as participatory approaches to planning."


  • Plan, Monitor and Evaluate
  • Learn and Empower
  • Research and Analyse
  • Communicate
  • Facilitate
  • Methods and Ideas


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