A Participatory Model for Evaluating Social Programs

This paper from the James Irvine Foundation outlines a participatory approach to evaluating social programs.  The model draws on the experience of the writers and current literature and presents two case studies to illustrate it in action. 


  • The Participatory Evaluation Model: Twelve Principles
  • Assessing Effectiveness, Stimulating Change
  • Methodological Features of a Participatory Evaluation Model
  • Assessing the Information System
  • Key Ingredients of Participatory Evaluation


Hasenfeld, Y., Hill, K., & Weaver, D. The James Irvine Foundation, (n.d.). A participatory model for evaluating social programs. Retrieved from website: http://www.irvine.org/assets/pdf/pubs/evaluation/Eval_Social.pdf

Originally sourced from MyM&E