PhotoVoice: Participatory Photography for Social Change

PhotoVoice is an organisation which uses participatory photography to engage disadvantaged and marginalised communities by allowing them to represent themselves as they see themselves through photography and digital story telling options. Furthermore, this allows participants to create powerful tools for advocacy and positive social change.

"PhotoVoice works in the UK and overseas with individuals, local communities and partner organisations to create participatory photography programmes that achieve meaningful improvements in the lives of participants.  


  • Design and develop participatory photographic projects specific to communities, issues and needs
  • Promote the imagery produced in the projects through old and new media, events and exhibitions
  • Provide training and consultancy to organisations wishing to introduce participatory photography into their work
  • Provide training, materials and responsible practice resources for other individuals and organisations wishing to implement participatory photography projects." (PhotoVoice, 2012)


PhotoVoice. (2012). Photovoice: Participatory photography for social change. Retrieved from

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