Professionnal Ethics and Standards for the Evaluation Community in the Government of Canada

This paper from the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat outlines the professional standards expected of the evaluation community in Canada's Public Service with a particular emphasis on ethical standards.


  • Section 1—Professionalism, Ethics, and Evaluation
  • Section 2—Philosophical Foundations of Ethical Behaviour
  • Section 3—Values, Ethics, and the Federal Public Service
  • Section 4—Ethics Programs in the Professions
  • Section 5—Ethics Programs in the Evaluation Community
  • Section 6—An Ethics Package for the New Evaluation Policy
  • Appendix A—The Evaluation Policy
  • Appendix B—Vignettes Of Evaluation Ethics Issues


Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, (2006). Professionnal ethics and standards for the evaluation community in the government of Canada. Retrieved from website: