Scott G. Chaplowe - M&E resource list

Scott Chaplowe's resource page has over 150 hyper-linked resources for monitoring and evaluation, all of which are freely available online. There's a particular focus on M&E communities and organisations.

The information provided was supplied by Alice Macfarlan, BeterEvaluation and ANZSOG.  

Key features

This resource list, compiled by Scott Chaplowe, is devoted to various resources that Scott has found useful and would recommend for M&E practice, learning, capacity building and development. For the most part, an effort has been made to limit recommendations to those resources that can be accessed freely online.

The resources include:

Some Recommended Publications for M&E
Collaborative Websites for M&E
University Websites for M&E
Organization Websites for M&E 
VOPE Websites for M&E
Individuals’ Websites & Blogs for M&E
Listservs & Communities of Practice for M&E
Open Educational Resources for M&E
Training & Learning Resources for M&E

How have you used or intend on using this resource?

I'm particularly interested in the links to the community organisations that Scott has compiled. I can see this sitting in my bookmarks bar as a place to go for routine checks as to what's happening in the evaluation world. I also think it's really interesting to see what other people would put as their top evaluation resources, so I'll be checking out some of the recommendations in more detail.

Why would you recommend it to other people?

As part of my job I'm often asked by people where they can go to connect with other evaluators near them, so this list is going to be really useful to point them to.


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